Brian The Barrington Bear – on sale now!

My children’s book Brian the Barrington Bear which is beautifully illustrated by Alice Jowitt is now on sale in hardback, soft cover and online – you can buy the book here: : brian the barrington bear
(though please note these people don’t hold stock, they wait for you to order!)

Alternatively, you can email your contact details to, and Brian will be speeding his way to you, postage free.

You can also buy the eBook at Kobo here:
Rakuten Kobo
And buy the audiobook here:

I’ve also seen it’s for sale at Barnes & Noble if you’re in the States! If you’re local to me, some of our shops will be selling it too – e.g. Hambridge Village Stores. If you have an outlet where you could sell some, do please tell me! Also, please let me know if you find it selling anywhere else so I can pass that on. And do please review it on the retailer’s website if you buy it! I’m learning on the job so any feedback is gratefully received.

Some reactions to it below.
The target market is probably around 7 years old!

Brian the Barrington Bear
– Absolutely delightful, beautifully written, lovely illustrations – Gill, Somerset
– The story is lovely. Very timeless, charming and touching – Helena, Children’s Author
– Fabulous story, loved it. The illustrations are simple, but beautiful, too – Gayle, Northumberland
– Lexi (6) loved the story and so did I! She said it’s her favourite new book – Mandy, Nice, France
– I enjoyed your wonderful story immensely and the illustrations are gorgeous – Sabita, Gallery Owner
– This is wonderful! I can’t wait to read it to the children! – Kerry, Somerset
– Callie loved, loved, loved the story and has called her Harrods bear Brian – Domenica, Washington VA, USA